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ADA provides a forum for debate, discussion and analysis of issues affecting the international art market.
What is
ADA is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to provide education about business and legal issues that affect artistic and creative endeavours. ADA provides a platform for debate and discussion on the legal, public policy and ethical issues that concern artists, museums, collectors, auction houses, art dealers, galleries and others working in the visual arts field. Topics include the legal aspects of art transactions, issues of authentication within the art market, artists rights, the international movement of art in times of peace and war and the preservation and protection of art and cultural property.
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Mission, vision and values of ADA
ADA organises conferences, seminars and workshops to elicit dialogue and in-depth examination of business and legal issues in the art world. These exchanges take place in various settings allowing for widespread attendance and participation. ADA also serves as a networking platform for art sector participants and professional advisers to the art market.

Membership of ADA is open to all professionals advising the art market and to those working in the arts sector including artists, dealers, galleries, auctioneers, art advisors, museum curators and administrators. For full details please see “membership” section of the website. Membership of ADA is open to applicants from overseas.