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II Jornada del Arte: Políticas Culturales en las Artes Visuales

II Jornada del Arte: Políticas Culturales en las Artes Visuales


Cultural policy can be defined as the set of mobilized means and actions oriented towards the achievement of fines, criteria and actions for the instances of the community -people, groups and institutions which, because of their power, have a capacity to intervene in the cultural life of the aforementioned community.

This second edition aims to create an effective debate involving political parties, representatives of public and private institutions and other operators in the sector, with a decentralized vision and, of course, including the artists themselves. And, as a consequence of the debate, to propose concrete actions to take.

Fide’s Art Day focuses on Spanish cultural policies in regard to the visual arts, which encompass the traditional plastic arts – drawing, painting, sculpture and engraving, as well as the art of new media, although with the outlook extended to other cultural manifestations and, of course , to other countries and cultures.

Within the framework of cultural policies, this Art Day will approach the main legal and fiscal issues that affect artists and art related operations in our country.

After the success of the first edition, Fide’s Art Day has become a meeting point for all professionals in the sector, where they discuss various topics, draw conclusions and even raise proposals for improving the system.

Academic direction: Rafael Mateu de Ros, Founding Partner of Ramón y Cajal Abogados, Director of the Department of Art Law. Lawyer of the Surplus State and Member of Fide’s Academic Council.


09.00-09.15h Registration assistants.
09.15-09.30h Welcome words.
09.30-10.00h Cultural policies. Introduction.
10.00-11.00h Public cultural policies: MECD, Madrid Community, Madrid City Council and University.
11.00-11.30h Coffee
11.30-13.15h Private cultural policies: the vision of artists, galleries and antique dealers, collectors, teachers and researchers, curators and cultural managers.
13.15-13.45h Intervention by the Director General of Books and Cultural Industry, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
13.45-14.00h Reflections to improve cultural management.
14.00-14.30 Casual snack
14.30-16.15h Discussion table: The future status of cultural workers.
16.15-16.30h Closing of the day.


Félix Álvarez, Deputy, Spokesperson for Culture of Citizens in the Congress of Deputies.
Paula Anta, Artist
Jorge Coll, Colnaghi Gallery Madrid – London
Carlos Duran, Senda Gallery, Barcelona
Isabel Durán, President of the IAC
Marina Núñez, Artist and member of the Board of Directors of the IAC
Idoia Fernández, NF Madrid Gallery. President of the Spanish Galleries Consortium of Contemporary Art
Rosina Gómez Baeza, President of the Cultural Factory
Semíramis González, Commissioner, Cultural Manager
José Guirao, cultural manager and art expert
Belén Llera Cermeño, General Director of Libraries, Archives and Museums of the Madrid City Council.
Isidro López-Aparicio, Artist, University Professor and Curator
José de la Mano, José de la Mano Gallery, Madrid Art
Mateo Mate, Artist
Ramón Mateos, Visual Artist Cultural Manager and Curator.
Rafael Mateu de Ros, Founding Partner of Ramón y Cajal Abogados, Director of the Department of the Law of Art. Lawyer of the Surplus State and Member of Fide’s Academic Council
Eduardo Maura, Deputy, Spokesperson for Cultura de Podemos in the Congress of Deputies.
Armando Montesinos, Commissioner and University Professor
Eva Moraga, Lawyer, Mediator and Director of Por & Para.
Blanca Muñoz, Sculptress.
Marta Rincón, Spanish Cultural Action
Emilio del Río, Deputy, Spokesperson of Culture of the PP in the Congress of Deputies.
Juan Arturo Rubio Arostegui, Professor at the Antonio de Nebrija University
Oscar Sáenz de Santa María, General Director of Cultural Industries and the Book, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
Laura Sánchez Gaona, Lawyer and Consultant of Art and Cultural Heritage in Ramón y Cajal Abogados.
Antonio Sánchez Luengo, Subdirector General of Fine Arts of the Community of Madrid
José Andrés Torres Mora, Deputy, Spokesperson for Culture of the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies.
Begoña Torres, Deputy General Director D.G Fine Arts MCDE
Carlos Urroz, Director of ARCO
Lucía Ybarra, Vice President Cultural Factory
Natalia Yera, Mariano Yera Collection

General information:

Date and place of execution: The program will be held on May 24, 2018 (from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.), at the Fide headquarters (C / Serrano, 26-4ºdcha).

Registration: Please contact Fide (914359239 or

The price of the day is € 690, including lunch and coffee. The members of the Academic Board and Business Advisory Council will have a 50% discount. The members of ADA will have a 30% discount.